Food and wine in Perugia and surroundings

From the Lake Trasimeno District, a journey through flavors and taste can start which starts with the discovery of the great variety of DOC wines , in fact to the traditional Malvasia, Trebbiano, Canajolo, Grechetto and Sangiovese, DOC wines have been added such as Colli del Trasimeno and Altotiberini Hills.

The top quality wines are perfectly combined with the specialties of Umbrian cuisine , which include a large quantity of legumes, spelled, barley, chickpeas and the rare and typical bean of the Lake.

Even meats cooked in roast with spices are a specialty offered by the restaurants and trattorias present, starting with roast lamb, wild boar, pigeon, rabbit, and finally the inevitable roast duck.

Characterized by a strong fishing tradition, the Trasimeno District offers a wide choice of dishes such as the tasty Tegamaccio, spaghetti and risotto with fish, Carpa Regina in porchetta, trout and many others.

For dessert lovers, Torcolo with olive oil, Ciaramicola, Strufoli and sweet pizza should be remembered.