The Marmore waterfall

Among the most fascinating and unique natural spectacles of the area is the Marmore Falls. The waterfall with its sparkling white mass of water has become a classic excursion from Terni .

Visitors can access it by two roads, the Lower and the Upper from which the waterfall is flanked. The most spectacular view is from the lower road as it allows you to see the entire waterfall enjoying the spectacle from various points, and from which you can also reach the Observatory, a small building in the shape of a loggia erected to allow tourists and visitors to admire the waterfall without danger.

The roar and the water pulverization in certain atmospheric conditions creates chromatic effects that accentuate the spectacular nature of the waterfall.

Its beauty celebrated in the past, over the years has diminished a little due to these buildings that have compromised the vegetation and also due to the diversion of water to power the hydroelectric plants.

Marmore Falls:

Cascata delle Marmore

Via Conti Menotti
05100 Terni (TM) - [Italy]