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Tourist itineraries in Foligno

From Foligno to the Sassovivo Abbey

From Foligno, following the Topino river and the Flaminia route, you reach the villages of Valtopina and Nocera Umbra . From here you go up towards Colfiorito through the Umbrian woods until you almost reach the border with the Marche, returning towards the Colfiorito pass then deviate for about 15 km towards Sellano and then retrace your steps you will reach Foligno again not before, however. to have visited the Sassovivo Abbey .

From Foligno to Trevi

From Foligno in a northerly direction, following the signs for Assisi you will soon reach Spello , from here descending along the roads that enter the Foligno plain you can visit Bevagna and then the castle of Gualdo Cattaneo .
Then go up returning towards Foligno , on a road from which you can enjoy beautiful views up to Montefalco and after having also admired the convent of S. Fortunato , which remains just outside the town, you go down again to the plain but only to go up beyond the valley towards Trevi.