Palazzo dei Priori - Perugia

Welcome to your holiday in Perugia: the city on the hill

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Perugia is one of the most suggestive destinations in Umbria. This city built on a hill in the Tiber valley represents with its history and its artistic and cultural heritage one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

Starting from its Etruscan walls and walking through the streets of the historic center, Perugia is a succession of monuments that represent Etruscan and Roman evidence.

Perugia is also an important cultural center, with its historic University of Studies and the oldest and most prestigious University for Foreigners in Italy.

In addition to the artistic and cultural riches, Perugia also offers tasty food and wine itineraries with all the flavor of simple regional cuisine.

And for those who do not want to give up the fun they can also find pubs and discos in Perugia or visit it on the occasion of its major events such as the renowned international Eurochocolate festival that transforms Perugia in October into the most popular destination for lovers of the food of the gods. , or even on the occasion of the Umbra Jazz festival which in July offers ten days of performances to the rhythm of jazz, ranking among the most important jazz events in Europe

Consult the National Gallery of Umbria and the museums of Perugia.