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Events in Perugia

Perugia, a city in the heart of Umbria full of events and shows suitable to satisfy every kind of request from the tourist on vacation. World famous events and events such as Eurochocolate : a unique opportunity to taste the best chocolate-based sweets from all over Italy. Umbria Jazz , the event par excellence where music and entertainment come together to give life to an explosion of fun.


An event that attracts many visitors to Perugia in October is the Eurochocolate. Conceived in 1994 by the architect Eugenio Guarducci, this event has taken on more and more importance over the years, becoming the reference point for the most prestigious Italian and foreign confectionery companies.

Perugia with its streets and monuments becomes the stage of a festival dedicated to what is called the " food of the gods ". There are many initiatives that characterize the event such as tastings, shows and cultural events, also carried out with the collaboration of leading organizations and companies in the production of chocolate.

The event also extends beyond national borders, giving a voice to all cocoa producing countries in the world and receiving the support and patronage of the ICCO (International Cocoa Organization), making Eurochocolate one of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to chocolate.

Eurochocolate every year makes Perugia a tasty open-air showcase, making it the home of a unique festival.

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Umbria Jazz - International Jazz Music Festival

Born in 1973, it is one of the most important jazz events in Europe . The show lasts 10 days: it is a full program of concerts that animate the city streets from morning to evening, with the participation of the greatest representatives of the genre. In the same period, jazz seminars "Umbria Jazz Clinics" are held, conducted by the prestigious "Berklee School" of Boston.

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