The visit and events in Terni

In addition to the classic excursion to the spectacular Marmore waterfall , Terni offers its visitors and art lovers a great variety of monuments.

Worth seeing is undoubtedly the Roman amphitheater , built in 32 AD by Fausto Tizio Liberale, and on whose remains the Bishop's Palace was built which still retains wall decorations with papal insignia and the coat of arms of Cardinal Albornoz.

On the southern side of Piazza Europa emerges the Palazzo Spada , belonging to the ancient Terni family and dating back to the 16th century, today it is the municipal residence.

Victim of numerous restorations was the Church of San Francesco ; erected in 1265, in 1437 it was brought to three naves and added the chapel of San Bernardino , renovated in 1703 after the earthquake and over the years it was subject to extensive restorations. The middle part of the facade has a Gothic portal surmounted by a large oculus; the side walls, added in the 15th century, have period portals and gothic windows, gothic elements that we also find in the elegant bell tower.

Other important religious structures to visit in Terni are the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Church of San Salvatore , the Church of San Marco , the Church of San Lorenzo and the Basilica of S. Valentino , patron saint of the city, which houses the remains of the holy.

For those who want to plan a holiday in Terni full of fun, they cannot miss in May to attend the famous Cantamaggio festival, a festival in which the return of spring is celebrated through collateral events such as parades of allegorical floats, theatrical performances. , exhibitions, and performances that surround the traditional dialect song competition.