Tourist itineraries in Norcia

Natural itinerary

It starts from the confluence of the Fosso Tissino with the Nera river, at Borgo Cerreto , and continues along the provincial road that runs along the Nera river up to Triponzo .

From here you leave the black river to go up along the bed of the Corno river. Continuing you arrive to the town of Serravalle , surrounded by greenery. From here you can continue along the Corno river to Cascia and Roccaporena , or follow the Sordo river along the provincial road to Norcia first and then the slopes of the Sibillini mountains.

Gastronomic itinerary

It is the path that enhances lovers of typical cuisine. It starts from the Sibillini mountains, a natural park of great value, and reaches Castelluccio following the provincial road Terni-Macerata.

In spring you will be captivated by the multitude of colors of the flowers that have just blossomed. Continue in the valley between Mount Ventosola and Mount Serra until you reach Norcia , the home of pork-based products . We will stop there for the time to appreciate the typical cold cuts of the place as well as the precious black truffle. Then continue north to Preci where you can taste the wild boar pappardelle . Finally, go south along the Nera river until you reach Borgo Cerreto .

Trekking through the parks

Minimum duration 3 days max 7 days (medium - medium high difficulty)
The itinerary develops between the Nera River Park and the Sibillini Mountains Park.

It starts from the Marmore Falls Hiking Center (TR). Knowledge of the area surrounding the waterfall: ecological walks, trekking, paths with the possibility of various excursions such as cave descents, mountaine-biking, canoeing, rafting. Ascent of the Nera River through several interesting centers from a historical-artistic, naturalistic and landscape point of view. After crossing the Corno River Valley and the Biselli Straits (PG), the trek will end in Norcia , the city of San Benedetto.

The Valnerina

Duration 3 days: arrival of the participants in the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle in Ferentillo.
Visit of the main ancient monuments in the city, left to testify its past in today's context of a modern and industrial city.

Departure for the Valnerina with a visit to the characteristic villages and towns that characterize this area (Visit to Vallo di Nera, Scheggino, Arrone, Ferentillo). Cascata delle Marmore and Lake Piediluco complete the itinerary in one of the most uncontaminated places in Umbria. It is possible to use an eco-boat for the trip on the lake or to go canoeing and rafting on the Nera river.

Departure for Cascia , destination of numerous pilgrimages to the famous Sanctuary of Santa Rita. Excursion to Roccaporena, the town that gave birth to the Saint. I continue to Norcia, located on a plateau surrounded by mountains and the homeland of San Benedetto. Return to Ferentillo in the evening.