Piediluco lake

At the foot of a conical mountain and on the shore of the lake sl which gives its name, there is Piediluco, a small town that is organized along the Salvati course.

Piediluco lake is the largest in the plateau and the second in Umbria, second only to Trasimeno. It has a maximum depth of 19 meters and has a very irregular shape. On the bank opposite to Piediluco, Mount Caperno rises on a peninsula.

Among the major monuments to visit in Piediluco we find:

  • Church of the Majesty , near the Old Cemetery;
  • Palazzo Comunale , Palazzo Poiani, Palazzo del Podestà;
  • Church of S. Maria del Colle , in Romanesque style, of which the ruins and the bell tower remain;
  • Ruins of the church of S. Ermete ;
  • Church and convent of S. Francesco , built in memory of the saint's visit;
  • Villalago , a villa built in neoclassical style by Baron Eugenio Franchetti and embellished by a large park;
  • Ruins of the Rocca ;

Among the most important events we remember the traditional Water Festival , which between June and July celebrates the summer solstice with competitions, games, shows and music, bringing fun and joy to one of the most beautiful lakes in central Italy.
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