Located in the center of the provinces of Perugia and Terni, the Tuderte tourist area offers the visitor a moment of relaxation and at the same time a sensational return to the ancient , at the time of the well-known Umbrian times that recall St. Francis of Assisi. Of this strip of land, enclosed in the center of Umbria, it seems that modern civilization has almost forgotten and the whole territory takes on a more mystical, more welcoming, more surreal aspect.

From the E45 highway, which cuts the entire region longitudinally and represents the connecting axis between Munich and Rome, we reach Todi, an ancient city in a dominant position on the Tiber river valley, the most important tourist center of the whole district. The other centers of the District: Collazzone, Fratta Todina, Marsciano, Massa Martana and Monte Castello di Vibio are characterized by the richness of the monuments and the uncontaminated environment. In the district you can discover Etruscan and Roman remains, medieval and Renaissance palaces and churches as well as landscapes of rare beauty. The Martani Mountains frame the entire area and constitute one of its main attractions.

Easily accessible, they offer the possibility of interesting and healthy excursions in the extensive and intact evergreen holm oak woods. The Tuderte District is not only monuments, palaces, churches, a lot of history, landscape, uncontaminated environment, but also artistic craftsmanship, genuine food, strong wines such as Grechetto di Todi and above all hospitality and availability towards guests. A strip of land that still today preserves the taste of beautiful things, of the ancient things that surround us and that are an integral part of our culture.