Terni: the Italian Manchester

Called the "Italian Manchester" at the end of the 19th century, in the midst of the industrial revolution, it owes its current image to the settlement of large industrial companies to which hydroelectric production of great importance has been added.

In recent years, a phase of deindustrialisation has begun which has changed the face of the city, resizing its growth but focusing attention on the historic districts and smaller towns of the area. Today the visit of the city presents itself with modern architecture even if there are some testimonies of the past.

Terni is also distinguished by the large availability of water which has favored production activities and has characterized the natural environment.
The natural beauties, and the historical museum circuit , have led the city to equip itself with adequate accommodation facilities to cope with the numerous visitors and tourists who visit the Terni area during the year.

A few kilometers from the city we find the Marmore Falls , considered the most beautiful waterfall in Europe and Lake Piediluco , considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Central Italy.